Tuesday, 9 February 2010

7 Things

I have been tagged by Julie of Swedish house to tell you seven things about me.
It’s taken me quite a few days to think of what to tell you about myself.
Here they are.
I am Manx which means I was born in the Isle of Man.
My first job was in a fabric & haberdashery shop, where I was a Saturday girl. I loved it and had always spent my days wages by the time I had finished for the day.

One of my favourite foods is beetroot, Mum was apparently addicted to it when she was pregnant with me so I must have got the liking then!!

My three names are all family related.
Fist Name Sophie – after my great grandmother Sophire which means Beautiful Jewel.
Second Name after my Mother.
Obviously my sir name is from my father.
I hate the Hoover, and have done since I was a small child. Mum says I used to hide from it; luckily Gav always does the hovering!!!

I love having my teeth polished at the dentist, weird I know but totally satisfying. The lovely sparkly feeling you have afterwards is the best.

I have an awful addiction to Diet Coke!!
I can’t go a day without a Can of Coke.
I know it’s bad but it’s my one weakness!!!
Well at least one of my one weaknesses.

So now you know a bit about me, I am going to ask you to share a little of you.

Don’t feel obliged I know we are all very busy people but if you fancy sharing 7 things about yourself that would be lovely.
Have a lovely week


Lisa said...

Wow, seven things.. Well Im nearly 44years old. I have six kids. My first job was working in MacDonalds.I used to be a model (back in the days!!)LOL, I love pink, red and white together and I love Shabby Chic. So there is a little of me... Hugs Sophie.. Lisa

Sal said...

I don't hate the hoover...but I do loathe and detest the iron and will not stand ironing everyone else's clothes for all the tea in China!!!!
I don't like cats (that'll go down well in blogland!)
I love Marmite on toast.
I'm a bigger footy fan than my other half and can't wait for the World Cup, this summer!
I have a weakness for cups of tea all through the day but the best one is the one which my OH brings at 6am before he goes to work.
Finally, I love steam trains !
Have a great day!

lemonade kitty said...

Here's my 7 things;

I love ironing and used to do it as a part time job.
I always have strawberry jam on a cheese scone.
I've been engaged twice and married once but never been proposed to. (I'll do a post on that on Valentines Day as I know you're all curious now!
My middle name is Avis. I've never met or heard of anyone with that name apart from me.
I'm a bra advisor for M&S measuring boobs all day, My friends husbands usually ask "are there any jobs going?)
I was once treasurer of a dolls house club.
And finally I always wear red nail varnish on my toes exept when I've been in Hospital (12 times)
Love Lucey xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

It's lovely to find out more about our friends in Blogland!! Not sure if I have 7 things to say about me though!! But here goes: I don't like McDonalds or Burger King. I met my husband when I was 16 and we are still together - I am 57 now! I always have my toenails painted!! I always cry at sad or romantic filmd!! I love Shabby Chic although I have only just discovered this!! I love Marmite!! I hate champagne!!
There you are - a little about me!!

A Country Girl said...

Here goes - I really really hate spiders, my favourite colour is blue. I have a weakness fo red wine, I've never driven on a motorway because they terrify me (fortunately we don't have any in Suffolk!), I get really grumpy if I haven't got a book to read, I'm learning to play the tenor horn along with all of Y3 at the school where I work and I actually don't like flowery fabrics much (sorry blogland!) - I'm more of a spots and stripes girl!
CG xx

Anonymous said...

OK - will try to keep it brief.
1 - I used to be VERY organised (pre children)
2 - I dislike bad language, especially in blogs
3 - I had lost both my parents by the time I was 35
4 - I am selfish, (not happy about this one and try to fight it)
5 - I am hyper-mobile
6 - I am better at buying craft items than actually doing anything with them
7 - I am seriously addicted to reading blogs

Vintage Amethyst said...

I love beetroot too!
My mum went off coffee when she was pregnant with me & I hate coffee, isn't it weird I'm sure things like this are connected!
Just wanted to say thank you for entering the *PINK GIVEAWAY*

Cally's Cottage said...

Lovely to know more about you..Umm sorry Sal's Snippets - I ADORE pussycats and am a complete softie when it comes to anything cat related..
My mother wanted to call me Sophie..But at the time was married to my French/Italian dad and Sophie Fevre was quite a mouthful so I ended up as Pascale- Cally for short- no-one in English schools could say Pascale!...
Thats enough, don't want to bore you but am loving reading about everyone else..
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Hi Sophie I thought I had better become a follower as we are swap partners for the colour swap so you will be one closer to your 100 target. I am working a double shift today so will come back to chatter tomorrow and get to know you better. yappy xxx