Friday, 12 February 2010

Can't Stay Away

I had the day off work today, which was lovely.
Gav said to me “as your off work can you bring me some lunch up to work?” so of course I said yes as his favourite sandwich shop is only opposite my CS!!!
Even though I am working there tomorrow I still had to pop in and have a look round.
I have found that when I’m working, I don’t always get a chance to have a proper look at what is actually out in the shop.
So his lunch was a perfect excuse.
I found some lovely's and here they are.

A really old Wax Seal set, with pretty coloured and perfumed wax £1.

I don’t think the wax still has any perfume, but we will have to wait and see as it might do when I melt some.

 And the weirdest thing is that I didn’t even look at what the seals were until I got home and guess what, one was an S ??? The other a Rose.

It was meant to be obviously.

I also found this old “Golden Hands” knitting & sewing magazine from 1973.
It has a double page spread to Granny Blankets, Lovely.

It also has the most amazing fashion & patterns in for only 50p.

And this book “The Batsdford Book Of Sewing” for £1, it has all the sewing techniques in it along with fabulous 70’s illustrations.

I also popped in to town for a meeting, then M&S was calling me so I went and got the Valentines meal for £20. I chose to have the red rose instead of the chocolates what with being on WW, and that was so I also get to have a lovely red rose which I don’t expect I would have got on Sunday as Gav is not in to Valentines Day. “too commercial” he says!!
So I was a happy bunny today, with my bargains & Rose.
I’m off for my 3rd shift in the CS tomorrow afternoon which should be fun.
Oh what will I bring home tomorrow??
Have a lovely weekend.

PS. Thanks for all the comments on my lats post, it's lovely to know a bit more about you all. xx


swedishouse said...

How fab the wax seals with the rose and S like you say ... 'you was meant to have them!'

And I now feel I know you better re your 7 things about you

Have a lovely weekend :)
Julie x

Lisa said...

Definitely meant to be yours that sealing wax kit!
Wasn't Ann Ladbury on House Party during the afternoons back in the 70's?
Lisa x

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Isn't the epectation of what you may find sooooo exciting?!
Keep up the good work.
Michael is playing golf tomorrow and always eats there, so I shan't bother although I was tempted with the M&S offer!
p.s. I'm off to my fav car booty so we are both happy!

Kissed by an Angel said...

What great finds!!! I love the sealing wax and seals - definitely yours!!! I remember that Golden Hands Magazine!!!

Michela said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Gav! xxxx

TCake said...

fab finds Sophie, love the wax kit.... Windows are most certainly the big yellow store S... it is where I work so I am lucky in that little treat shop!... have a lovely weekend. TX