Saturday, 3 October 2009

Blog Sweet Blog

Firstly I just want to say sorry I've been away from blog land for so long, nearly 2 weeks I think. Ouch, too long sorry sorry sorry.
Since we have gone into peak at work and I started my new job I have been feeling unable to write when I get home, as I said before trolley full and overflowing.
But hopefully that has passed and I will be back on form from now on.
I have soo much to tell you, It has been a busy few days (11 to be exact).

So I went to the lovely seaside town of Felixstowe for a few days for Mum's birthday, lots of wine was consumed for the celebration, champagne breakfast with scrambled eggs & smoked salmon yummy, dinner out at a fab restaurant and family roast dinner! wow I think I put on a few pounds last weekend.

I also managed to fit in some shopping, firstly the wonderful Fabric8 shop, then the great little quilting shop that has opened up. Steadily building up my stash!! And got my fat quarters for the paper bag swap being held by Rachel at Contented.

I'm also very lucky to have a lovely Auntie who has a crafting business, as she sent me all her scraps from her last season on making.

She makes beautiful kitchen ranges, cafetiere covers, tea cosies, Aga towels just a few of her wonderful range.

The weather was wonderful, Mum & I spent a lovely sunny Sunday down at the seafront market which we topped off with a lunch of Ice cream at the Little Ice Cream Company. I had a Sunday of Candy Store and Black Cherry mmmmmmmmm, Mum had raspberry crumble in a cone.

So I'm home now and life goes on, I have had a few crafty moments.
I have had fun!!! making a cosmetic purse, a couple of attempts were needed. The Zipper did try and get the better of me but I persevered and I am quite proud of my attempt.
I have also made a passport cover which I may add to my craft range for when I either set up shop on Etsy or book my first craft fair.

Also made my second Hummingbird recipe Vanilla Cupcakes, I made 23 odd number I know not sure how I missed out the 24th but somehow I did, loving my new piping set.

Our pear tree has finally had enough and we had a slight fatality, Gav came home to find 2 branches snapped off they were really full with pears so I have been giving pears out to anyone who wants them, today I made pears in brandy which I have bottled for Christmas.

So my lovely blogging friends, sorry I've been away but I think I might be back now.

Have a lovely weekend, Oh and before I forget if your out and about you might want to pick up a copy of Novembers Easy Living as you get a lovely free tea towel with it.

Love Sophie xxxxx


Michela said...

Welcome back Sophie!
Love your makes, especially that yummy cupcake!
Everybody would like to be your cousin! ;-)
P.S.tomorrow I'm off to the post office to complete my PIF tasks!

bekimarie said...

Love the make-up bag and passport cover, clever you!
I've not attempted zips yet, I find them a little scary.
Must get myself a piping set because my vanilla cupcakes didn't look like that lol!
Have a good week
Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie,

I too have been away from blogland quite a lot the last few weeks... how quick the days fly by when you are soooo busy!

I hope your new job is going well?
I think you have done good with that zip - I have not attempted zips yet!
The cupcakes look great too :-) I bought myself a piping set, but am supposed to be on a diet, so am avoiding making any more hummingbird cupcakes at the moment!

Have a great week :-)

Rose XXX

KC'sCourt! said...

Welcome back! The cake and the pears look yummy! That little bag looks just perfect.

Rose said...

I love the passport cover!
Im so curious about the Hummingbird recipes, the cupcakes you made look lovely.


Kate said...

Hi Sophie
well done on the zips it took me forever to get them right, and the passport cover is great.
Have a great week

coco rose said...

Heya Sophie, Hope you have a calmer week this week! Your cosmetic purse is amazing! I have not attempted zips yet and I really need to. Button holes too...but it's just too scary! he he! I have the crochet link bookmarked and will have a go when think will be at my calmest! Am desperate to give it a go! Have a great week! x

Bluebell said...

Glad to see you're back! Hope things are calmer for you now. Loving the passport cover and the purse, great choice of fabrics. Haven't attempted zips yet myself!

Have a fab week.

B x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie - recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading through your posts. Those cupcakes look lovely - and thanks for the magazine tip! Caroline x

Katy said...

Hi Sophie, hello! I'm your partner for Rachel's swap! Email me and we can swap addresses etc etc

katyejones at hotmail dot com

Florence and Mary said...

Great to have you back... we missed you!!!

Victoria xx

Kelly said...

Hey Spohie xxxx
I was missing you!
Thought I'd commented here before but I must have missed it xx
An award wiating for you on my blog xxxx

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx