Saturday, 23 July 2011


Pickles has been home for a week now and Gavin & I have now become nurses!
Which is interesting as I am soo squeemish!

She is doing ok we have good days and bad days, she is living in a puppy cage so she can't escape, its big though we can fit in it with her.

Hopefully normality will return at some point but I think it will be a long journey for her.
Lots of luv
Sophie Xxx


lemonade kitty said...

Poor Pickle I hope she's soon feeling loads better, Lucey x

Miss Holly said...

please give miss p a kiss from me.....I nursed a kitty under the same circumstances and it is huge but cats are incredible.....she will get better and hang in there it is worth it!!!!

Miss Holly said...

P.s. you are wonderful people for doing all this for your dear kitty!! she is lucky to have you!!

Florence and Mary said...

Glad to hear that Pickles is coming along well following her ordeal, she's lucky to have such a good home,

Victoria xx

Betty said...

So good to see your kitty is being so well cared for - I doubt she would want to stray again, she needs you. Hoping she is going to get through this quickly. Bettyx

Josie-Mary said...

Poor Pickle.... I hope she gets better soon :)
I was sent to your blog because someone thought you worked for the Body Shop.... I have an interview on Tuesday & wanted some tips!!!

Pomona said...

You poor things - I hope she continues to make progress. It is heartbreaking when animals are not well.

Pomona x

Isobel said...

Oh poor kitten!! I hope she gets better soon!!