Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Month that passed in a blink of an eye

Gosh I hadn't realised how long it was since I last posted!
Seems like an update is needed.
Pickle is doing really well, she has had her catheter out for 3 weeks now and the cone off for 2 weeks.
The vets are really pleased with her progress and she is almost back to her old self, Gav & I can't quite believe she has made such a great recovery for being given a 5% chance of survival.

Work has been super busy, the world of retail never seems to slow down. I'm sure that time goes quicker as you get older!
We have had some wonderful summer outings, the best being a trip to the Chili Fiesta as West Dean Gardens. We had a great day tasting all the different foods that can be made with chili. They also have a great selection of chili plants for sale, including plats with purple chillies.

We got quite carried away and bought 4 different plants, I am defiantly going to be making chili jam for Christmas pressies.
In the last month I have had loads of offers of fruit from peoples gardens that they don't know what to do with, so I have made a great deal of Jam. Raspberry = 10 Jars, Mixed Berry = 17 Jars, Plum = 13 Jars.

We have also been scrumping! which is quite good fun, the blackberry's seem to be ready a lot earlier this year & bountiful, I have 2 kilos of them stored in the freezer ready for Bramble jelly making in the autumn.

My dear Grandad passed away a couple of weeks ago at the ripe old age of 92, he passed quickly & peacefully, still needing to know the cricket score as he was wheeled into the hospital. Thankfully England were winning so he died happy. The funeral took place on Monday up at Mum & Dads where I had spent the weekend. The whole family turned out, 4 Children & Partners, 8 Grand Children & Partners, 2 step grand children & 4 great grand children. We had a lovely party in the grounds of his nursing home afterwards.
Here I am with my cousins.

I also spent some time with Mum in her beach hut, which was lovely as the sun kept shining all weekend & they have a great ice cream parlor on Felixstowe seafront which makes it even better.
We have been working hard in the garden & neglecting the house as usual, but we do soo love our garden.
So the house work is done, I have an apple & blackberry crumble ready for pudding and the laundry is whirring in the washing machine. I think I will take a stroll down to my veg patch & pull some beetroot for tea. Have a wonderful week, I hope to go off visiting blog land this evening.
Much Luv


Betty The Wood Fairy said...

Hi Sophie - so pleased for you that little Pickle is on the mend - a very close call but I do believe that animals respond to their owners loving care more than anything. Sorry about your grandad passing on but as you say, his last few hours were with happy thoughts. Isn't it fun foraging for berries, I am doing it too and just can't stop myself - it's addictive! Bettyx

Miss Holly said...

so so so happy about your sweet kitty....I just know she would do well!! kitties are wonderful!! just added two more myself and now we have 8!!!!

Miss Holly said...

that was supposed to be "knew"

Michela said...

Hi Sophie, I've been following Pickle's misadventure on FB and I'm so pleased to read that she's on the mend. Sorry to hear about your grandad's loss, big hugs xxx

lemonade kitty said...

Sorry you lost your grandad but sounds like he went "happy".Awwww your lovely Pickle certainly looks a lot better I knew she's pull through with your love and care.I can just imagine all your lovely preserves lining the shelves of a big walk in pantry, whose idea was it to do aweay with pantries? I remember my nan having one and the shelves were always full of home made jams and a big bag of potatoes on the floor, Lucey x

Lisa said...

Just catching up with everyone's latest posts. Very glad to hear Pickle is doing so weel and very sorry to hear about your Grandad.
Hope all goes well for the cake sale and lots of money is raised.
Lisa x