Saturday, 30 May 2009

My First Ever Strawberry's

Last year I bought 2 strawberry plants in Wilkinson's they were £2 bargain!
I had never grown strawberry's before so thought this would be a cheap way to give it a try.
So I planted them out into a pot, watered them and looked after them all summer long. Unfortunately no strawberry's appeared! I was quite disappointed but I had read it takes a year for a strawberry plant to fruit so I just had to be patient and wait it out.
Well they stayed out all winter through wind rain & snow which I really thought might kill them, but as spring began to appear they started to come back into life and flourish.
When we re vamped the veggie patch I moved them up there to a sheltered sunny spot by the shed and blow me down flowers appeared then tiny little green strawberry's. Hooray!!!!
Well this week with the hot sun & torrential rain they have really grown and I have 3 RED strawberry's.
I am very excited!!! 3 really isn't enough to make jam though!! I may well just pick them and eat them there & then, I will have to invite Gav to join me though or he will be really miffed.

I'm defiantly going to get some more plants this year ready for next, and I think one of those cute strawberry plant pots so that next year we will have Chez Sophie Strawberry Jam x

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