Saturday, 9 May 2009

An Early Start!

I have always loved car boot sales and charity shop's, one persons cast offs are another persons treasures. This morning on my way to a car boot sale I stopped at my local charity shop to drop off a box, and got hooked inside by the glint of a mirror, which I had to have!
As I browsed the store I also spotted a beautiful old glass jelly mould which took me back to my Nanna's kitchen many moons ago, this also found it's way home with me. The car boot sale went out of my mind as the creative juices started flowing and I had to go home to start my mirror renovation. (will add before & after images later) I also had a beautiful chest of draws & Lloyd loom laundry basket delivered today, which i found in the Friday Ad. They need a Major renovation but will look great in my small spare room when finished.


artemis said...

Thanks for the review! and I love your new bigger sure you will have lots of lovely wildlife buzzing around it this summer!

Susannah said...

I look forward to seeing your renovations of your treasures.

(from another car boot and charity shop addict) :-)

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Thanks for your comments guys it means a lot to me.
Artemis - we have added a new water feature to the pond now and loads of insects, frogs and newts are living there now.
Susannah - more renovations soon, and a lot more car booting and charity shopping will be done.