Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Batch End Beauty........

I have always had a weakness for wallpaper!!
Childhood memories are a funny thing, I remember my mum wallpapering my room at least once a year, we would go and choose the paper and then put it up (real 80's changing rooms) From beautiful 1980's Laura Ashley, to a moment of 5 year old madness My Little Pony!!!! And that weakness has lasted all my life...
The batch end bin in Laura Ashley along with the remnants basket have always been the first point of call when entering the store.
I recently went in to my local store and found a beautiful paper in said bin for £1.50, well I couldn't put it back I had to have it....
One role sadly is never really enough but you never know when it's going to come in handy and come in handy it did.
I bought a child's chest of draws on EBay which needed a lick of paint and new draw knobs, great for my blue room. My sister in law had bought me some beautiful glass draw knobs from Monsoon which I have been dying to use on a project.
But the draws needed something else, which is when I decided to wallpaper the fronts with my batch end beauty.. And as Gav says they look a million dollars, he has to say that though to keep me happy!!!
Take a look at the photo's, I will be doing a bedside table to match xx

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