Saturday, 17 July 2010

New Bike for me.........

Along with my new Slimming regime (have lost half a stone in 2 weeks!) I have also decided to try and do a bit more exercise. I deiced I wanted a bike ages ago so that I could cycle to work at the CS on Saturdays.
I have been looking out for one on freecycle, Ebay, free adds etc for ages with no luck.
Gav said he would do up an old / second hand bike for me as he used to work in a bike shop when he was a teenager as his Saturday/part time job.
I can't afford to pay the earth for a lovely new Pink one with a wicker basket, so I have been keeping my eyes wide open for one every where.
Today when I popped into the CS first thing there were 3 bikes at the end of the shop, a child's one & 2 ladies bikes. I really liked one of them so I took a photo on my phone and showed Gav when he came home from work before I started my shift. He said go for it we can fix anything that needs it.
That was lucky as I had already put a sold sticker on it!! 
So I worked my shift this afternoon at the CS, I dressed the window & sorted loads of stuff.
Then home time with my new Bike, yippee.
Here it is, what do you think?

It needs a clean and the tires need a good pump up, but apart from that Gav says it good to go.
I am now in love with the wicker bike baskets on Ebay!!
Well that's my news.
Have a lovely weekend.


The sewing room said...

Love the bike if you get any more let me know LOL hugs Pat

topchelseagirl said...

It looks fab.

Nana Go-Go said...

Oh you Lucky Duck! That is a fantastic bike - and a really lucky find. Isn`t it great when you finally find that special thing you`ve been looking for. Well Done Sophie.
p.s. Try looking for `panniers` for your bike - my sister has a very pretty pair of them on her bike - they hold loads too so you can bring even more finds home from the CS!

sharie said...

You must have been cheering when you spotted that bike in the CS!
Enjoy your bike riding!

Florence and Mary said...

Well done on your weight loss on and good on you getting yourself a bike! I can see you now cycling away, fingers crossed you get a basket for it soon,

Victoria xx

Emma said...

Well done on the weight loss :0)
That bike will be fab with a wicker basket.
Daisy Daisy lala..hehe x

Emma said...

Well done on the weight loss :0)
That bike will be fab with a wicker basket.
Daisy Daisy lala..hehe x

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Brill find! x

KC'sCourt! said...

Great bicycle - will look great with a basket on the front
Julie xxxxxx

Alijane said...

Nice bike, that was a good find.

I reckon a wicker basket will make your bike look fab.

Enjoy the weekend.


Serenata said...

Great bike! Congratulations on the weight loss so far...well done!

Country Style Living said...

Well done with the weight loss, the bike looks fab!

Lisa said...

Well done with the weight loss and I'm so pleased for you about the new bike! Liking the sound of the wicker basket too!
Lisa x

Kelly said...

Looks fabulous! You should paint it pink!!!
Well done on the weight loss! I will need to join you after the baby is born, I feel like a small elephant!

Amy said...

welldone on your weight loss! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I won the competition for Goodwood tickets! Very excited! Where do you work? I'll look out for your stand/shop at Goodwood x