Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Eternal Maker Cushion Course

Yesterday I went to the most fabulous place.
It's called the Eternal Maker, You may know of its online shop & blog?
It is in Chichester which is near to where I live.
I had never been to the Eternal Maker before but a friend & I decided to go on a 1 day Professional Cushion Making course their. It cost £25 and was well worth it.
It was the most amazing fabric, craft, trimmings shop I have ever been too.
I was in heaven, Like a kid in a sweet shop.
Here are some pictures of the shop, I took soo many as I was soo in awe of the amazingness of it all.

Beautiful fabrics & handmade loveliness everywhere.

Gorgeous cushions.

Buttons galore!!

Retro & vintage fabrics.

Ric Rack in every colour & size you could imagine.

Button & beads of all shapes & sizes.

Oh the loveliness...............

So on to the cushion making.
I have made plenty of cushions before but have never mastered adding piping or a zipper before, so this course seemed perfect.
We started by choosing our fabric & although there was plenty of fabric to choose from I had taken along with me an old Vintage table cloth that I found in the CS.
I chose a complimenting coloured blue linen for making the bias binding & a plain calico for the backing.

We started by making the bias binding, which I have never made before so that was a great thing to learn.
Then we made our piping, another first!
We had already cut out our fabric to the size required, I went with 50cm x 50cm to incorporate as much of the embroidered pattern as possible.
We used a circular object to round the corners of the squares of fabric, to aid adding the piping.
Then we started to add the piping to the front panel of the cushion.

Here it is with all the piping on the front panel.

Then we pieced the front and back together and sewed the two corners together that would have the zipper in between.
Then we added the zipper and sewed the rest of the cushion together and hey presto, a finished cushion!
Well all was not soo easy but, we got there in the end.

I was quite proud of myself to have done all the tricky bits myself.
All I can say is that it was a fab day and I will defiantly be going back to the Eternal Maker to shop & learn.
Have a great weekend.


jackanne said...

so glad you had a fab time,your cushion looks great well done xx

Florence and Mary said...

WOW your cushion looks great!

Victoria x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

WOW! I would love to do something like that! Are you good on the sewing machine? I am not really very good as I find it a bit scarry - I sew by hand!

CraftySmiles said...

Oh Lucky you . That shop is a heavenly place to be.
Very well done on your cushion ,it looks fab.
I would love to learn to do that too.

swedishouse said...

Sounds like you had a great day...
Your cushion looks GORGEOUS :-D
I love your choice of colours and recycling an old embroidered table cloth
Where are you going to put it?
Anywhere special?
Julie x

swedishouse said...

BTW The shop looks magnificent! A real treasure trove...I could spend all day in a shop like that!

KC'sCourt! said...

WOW! Love the cushion
Julie xxxx

Sarah said...

That's just the sort of place I could spend a day in! Love the cushion - I could do with someone teaching me properly how to put zips on.

Alijane said...

Well done you, the cushion looks fabulous.

It looks a fab place to go and learn or shop.


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Sophie that is a fantastic piece of work and such a lovely idea to take something vintage and make it into a real feature. This is one to be really proud of - and what a fantastic day out too for £25!

Country Style Living said...

Your cushion is so pretty! Sounds like a great worthwhile day, and for so little cost.....

Elizabeths Attic said...

Wow - love it so very profesional. Will maybe try and follow your instructions and have a go myself, I love making cushion covers it is a job that (in my case) is quick and easy because I do simple styles and so a quick sewing fix but I will defo have a go at this. Thanks for showing us.
Beverley x

My Grannies Attic said...

I LOVE your cushion.
Glad you enjoyed it and what could be a better way to spend a day!!
Kerry xxxx

Pink Milk said...

Hey Sophie!

That place looks amazing, I'm green with envy! As for your beautifully made cushion, it's just gorgeous. You've got a lovely eye for colours.


Michelle said...

Your cushion looks fabulous !!! And I love the sound of and look of that shop = it's fabulous !!! I so want to go there :o)

Lisa said...

What a great day out, you are so clever, the cushion is magnificent. I would have been hyperventilating just being near all those buttons and beads!
lisa x

Sarah@Modern Country Style said...

That sounds like a really great day. I'd love to do that! I must have a nose round our local shops in Oxfordshire.

I'm really enjoying reading your blog, by the way.