Friday, 27 November 2009

Mini break in the west country

Hello all, I'm on holiday in Wotton Fitz Pain near Lyme Regis for a few days.
I decided that a mini break with Gemma, Dee & Milo the chocolate lab would do me some good.
Although it's only a week until my first ever craft fair! But I have bought some sewing with me to keep me going. We arrived at lunch time and dumped our stuff in the converted barn we are staying in.
Then we went off to explore, Axminster is only 3 miles away so that was were we went. I was most excited as I have been a river cottage fan for ages now.
Axminster had some lovely shops, a cute little quilt shop with soo much fabric I could have bought the lot! I got 3 pretty fq's and a scrap bag. I would say for quite a little town it had a great amount of craft shops. I also fell in love with a shop called Spoted Chicken, full of ck, emma b, gisel g and much more.

As I said I am quite a fan of river cottage, so I went and found it with breakfast in mind for tomorrow.
Well I found it, and checked out the menu which disapointed me some what. No full English??? How can river cottage canteen not offer a full English !!
So I think we will find some where else to go.
Well all this is my first post from my phone so I hope it works
Have a lovely weekend
P.S I haven't worked out photos yet but when I do I have some to upload x


Floss said...

Have a wonderful time! When I was in my teens, Axminster seemed the armpit of the universe (I lived in cosmopolitan Exeter, myself...) I really regret that I never too the time to know it properly!

KC'sCourt! said...

Have a great time. I've been to Axminster once when we lived in Sidmouth, I wouldn't mind going again......

Lisa said...

Enjoy your break away and the full English breakfast wherever you manage to find it!
Lisa x

Michela said...

Hi Sophie!
Have lot of fun!!!Happy weekend!

BusyLizzie said...

have a fun time.. are you coming to see us at the Xmas market in Bridport tomorrow (st marys hall)..... should be a cracking good event! Lizzie

Kelly said...

Glad you are having a good time!
Well done on working out posting from the phone :)

It works :)

Lots of LOve

Kelly xxx

Maggie Hall said...


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