Friday, 4 September 2009

Off to Winchester to Giveaway Samples.....

Tomorrow I am off to Winchester with work tomorrow.
I will be in the High Street giving out sample pots for anyone to go and get a FREE sample of anything in The Body Shop.
I have never been to Winchester before so when the opportunity came up I grabbed it.
I do happen to know that there is a fairly New CK Shop there so in my lunch time I may just take a little lookie!!
Maybe treat myself!!!
So if you fancy a freebie tomorrow, come along to the Winchester Body Shop and meet me.
All for now I'm afraid, as J Ross is back on in a bit and Jamie O is one of his guests so I must go and get my cup of tea and something to nibble on whilst I watch.
Till Tomorrow, happy weekend Sophie xxxx


bekimarie said...

Too far away to visit, such a shame, I love body shop but at least i'll get to meet you in November.
Can't believe I missed JR and JO!
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

Florence and Mary said...

I've been nagging my parents to take me to Winchester for ages I wish it was tomorrow!

Hope you have fun and seek out the CK shop!

Victoria xx

Michela said...

Wow! Great plans! Have a lovely weekend!

Rose Charles said...

Have fun in Winchester :-)

Rose XXX

saraeden said...

Could you send me your address Sophie so i can get your PIF gift in the post to you !!

Sorry i didn't contact you before i am finally catching up with things after the heating /car/uniform !!

Sara x

Kelly said...

Oh have loads of fun!
Hope you enjoyed CK, it would be wrong not to get yourself a little something :)

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Michela said...

Hi Sophie!
I'm sorry I've not posted yet about your PIF, but will sort it out very soon!
P.S.I was wondering if you like I'm having a giveaway..

Michela said...

Just done my PIF task!
Night night!