Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Happy Holidays

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas?
I have managed to borrow a friends spare laptop so that I can blog today.
I have to say I haven't had the most exciting Christmas as I have had a virus and been completely out of sorts since last Wednesday. I think I am finally coming through it though, there really are some nasty bugs out there at the moment so if anyone is under the weather my thoughts are with you and make sure you get well soon.
So on to some fun stuff, despite being poorly I did have a lovely chilled out Christmas day with Gavin, just the 2 of us except for his parents popping in for presents in the morning.
He thoroughly spoilt me rotten, I had given him a list in the hope that I would at least get a few things on it! but he really surprised me with things I hadn't even asked for.
I got one of these

Ive been cross stitching like mad to make the purse already.

This amazing cook book which I have to say I had never heard of but he had read up on the best books and this one had really good review and I can't wait t try out some of the recipes & visit the bakery on the Kings Road.

I have been hankering after one of these ever since Kelly from Recipes for Life told us about hers and bless him he remembered and found me one. Giant Cup Cakes here we come!!!

Some very pretty Cup Cake wrappers, so beautiful & intricate. 

I had asked for a bead for my Lovelinks bracelet he gave me for my birthday and I was presented with a whole set (above) called beach aren't they beautiful.

A dinky CK pin book & sticky notes set.

He actually went to the New Cath Kidston shop in Chichester especially and as well as all the above bought me a beautiful CK shopper bag in the brown spot, I haven't seen it on the web and haven't managed to take a picture of it yet but I will be my new lunch bag for work.
I have never been soo surprised by all my presents, I really wasn't expecting any of them, he really did do well.
I bought him a Scalextric which has been whizzing round the Living room ever since Christmas day!!!
So we were both very happy bunnies.
I hope you all received some lovely gifts too.
We had vowed to make or buy second hand all the family & friends gifts this year and so far they have gone down really well, homemade Chutney, Pickle, Jam, Chili Oil, Pickled Onions & Chocolates.
Vintage handbags & books were also received well as well as the handmade padded coat hanges I have been making in my spare time.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that the New Year brings you Joy & Happiness.
Thanks for being great friends in 2010.
The blogging community is soo special, soo keep up the good work & see you in 2011.
Lots of Love & Hugs


LaaLaa said...

Great pressies, Sophie! Please don't forgot to email me your questionnaire for the birthday swap by Friday. Lynda xx

My Grannies Attic said...

Lovely presents you have!!!

Hope you have a lovely New Year. xxxx

swedishouse said...

Hej Sophie
Glad you are feeling better...
Your man chose some wonderful presents for you, lucky lady!
Happy New Year

Sarah said...

Gosh he sure did do well, lucky you! I adore those cupcake tins and wrappers, so beautiful. I can't wait to see one that you have baked. Enjoy your new gifts Sophie!

Ruby slippers said...

Lucky you, what a special man you have!x Happy new year ! x

Caroline B said...

Lucky you - what a lovely haul! Everyone round to your place for cake then!

BusyLizzie said...

Gorgeous gifts! I went to the new CK in Chichester a few weeks ago, it was lovely, specially liked the "window" at the back in the clothes section with a collage of images. Even spotted something of mine there. (they had used images of my stand in the Autumn catalogue) Lizzie x

Sal said...

Oooh..your other half is really, 'on the ball'...how fab!
I keep hearing about the new CK in Chichester!
Glad you had a good time! ;-)x

lemonade kitty said...

Hope you're feeling a bit better and you can enjoy all those lovely pressies, love the beads, Luceyu xx

Pink Milk said...

Hi Sophie.

So glad you're feeling better and had a lovely Christmas.

I love your pressies - clever Gavin!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year.


Lisa said...

Didn't you do well on the pressie front! Very thoughtful gifts.
I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so awful over the festive break too. Fingers crossed all the nasties in our house are on their way out!
Wishing you a happy 2011.
Lisa x

Ticking stripes said...

Hope you're back on form soon! What great pressies!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year. Great presents - you must have been a VERY GOOD girl for Santa to spoil you like that! :O) SueXXX

Amy said...

what lovely thoughtful gifts. Hope you feel better soon x

Florence and Mary said...

WOW didn't you do well this year - so many wonderful presents!

Sorry to hear you haven't been well, my SIL is poorly at the moment and with being pregnant she's not having much fun,

Happy New Year to you

Victoria xx

Emma said...

Hope your all better now?
My you had lots of nice gifts, well done to Hubby.
Have a brill New Year ...x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wow! You must have been good for Santa to bring you all that stuff! Well done to Gavin for getting it right!! Happy New year xx

Pea Green Kitty said...

Hey Sophie!
Wishing you all the very best for a happy and healthy new year
Kitty x

Kandi said...

Wow you did well there! I just found you via the Birthday Swap, look forward to following your makes this year!
Kandi x

Felicity said...

lovely presents! fliss xxx

MelMel said...

Lovely christmas gifts!
I thought I followed your blog, just realised I did not....I am now!
Lovely place to be!x

Debbie said...