Saturday, 22 May 2010

Good Enough To Eat......

The Sun has got its hat on hip hip hip hoary!!!
I think I might have over done it today which might be why I just feel asleep for the last 2 hours and I'm now blogging later that I wanted too.
I got up this morning to a little present from Pickle Cat of a Slow Worm (Head & a chunk of body) she brought it to me in the lounge, YUCK. I had to remove it with the aid of the oven gloves & a plastic tub!!!
Then looked really silly running down the garden with it at arms lenght in the tub in miss matched PJ's, the neighbour's must think I'm a right loon!!!
So then to the tip, as we massacred the front garden last night! I know Friday night I should have been relaxing but no I was outside with a fork digging up the garden that just seems to grow out of control the minute you turn your back, so its being shingled. Gav seems to think we are bringing the street down with our unruly front garden!! So 10 bags of green waste in a car all night did not make it smell too nice along with the heat!!

Here are some of the Budlia flowers I saved from the branches that were trimmed.
They look pretty in my fish bowl vase, don't they.
Then home to chill for a bit before my stint at the CS, will share my goodies tomorrow.
So what is good enough to eat about that I hear you say well look what the postie brought me this week.

Yes my Good Enough to Eat Swap Parcel arrived from Lisa (click here to see what I sent Lisa) this week and she really spoilt me.
Cup cake wrapping paper.
Beautiful Card & Cookie recipe - Gav want's me to make them asap, but I'm back on WW so will have to wait a while until temptation can't get the better of me.

So I think Lisa has really got to know me through my blog because everything she sent me was soo me.
Firstly Lisa and I sent each other the same cupcake plate, great minds think alike!
I also received a fab tin to match it, some lovely coasters, A fab cupcake timer which was actually on my must get list as my oven time has gone missing!!! The note book with strawberrys on is actually a mini version of my work note book, which is lovely.

She also made me some wonderful crocheted cupcakes, & sent Fair trade chocolate (which Gav has been munching) & a beautiful cupcake broach which I absolutely adore.

Thank you soo much Lisa I love it all.
So I must go & tend to the BBQ, as my tummy is rumbling.
Have a wonderful Sunny Sunday.


Pixiedust said...

Great Goodies from Lisa. I was paired with Lisa for a recent swap and got some lovely goodies too. xxx Pixie xxx

swedishouse said...

Helloo Sophie
You did very well :)
I Loove the Buddleia they look magnificent in that vase.
Julie x

Katy said...

wow what lovely goodies you received, i love cupcakes my kitchen theme :D The buddliea look really lovely in that bowl :D

much Love Katy xx

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

What lovely goodies, all very delicious!

Sarah said...

Wow what a lovely lot of delicious looking goodies for you. Shame you aren't eating chocolate! Still those unedibles look good enough as a replacement. Love all the cupcakes everywhere.

Lisa said...

Lots of lovelies in your swap parcel.
Our little front garden has been graveled over for years now, so much easier to cope with!
Lisa x

KC'sCourt! said...

Would you like to come and do my front garden now?
Lovely goodies.
Julie xxxxxxx

Sarah said...

Fantastic swap parcel, full of lovely goodies xx

Isobel said...

You lucky girl! Everything look absolutely delicious!

hapi-ness said...

oooh how lovely, you lucky thing ^_^ it all looks amazing xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Oooh great swap goodies!

Victoria xx

PS you'll never guess what the word verfication is... "wormi"!

Emma said...

Lovely swap goodies..!
I am also in love with those Cath Kidston flip flops on your side bar.
Glad you enjoyed doing the swap xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Fantastic swap parcels!! Lucky you!!!

Deborah said...

Hi there Ms Sophie, Your blog is fabby! Thank you for joining my Boudoir Swap Darling! It will be great fun and the participants are wonderful!
have a great day
Best regards
Deborah {Fondantkiss}