Sunday, 10 January 2010

Chilly Weekend Brrrrrrrrrr

Oh what a chilly weekend it has been.
The snow is still here and it keeps coming in fits and starts.
I know we are all a little over it now, kids off school, can't get to work, frozen pipes etc, but it is beautiful isn't it?
And it has been said that it hasn't been this cold & snowy in England since the year I was born 1981.
So it is special if you have never experienced snow like this before.
I have always enjoyed the snow as skiing in Austria was an anual holiday as a child for me.

I'm in Blue my sister Olivia is in pink

Yes I am trying to be positive about it, and remeber to good times!!!

Yesterday although it was snowing I decided to venture into town, I have to say that apart from Minni's doors freezing on Thursday it has been the best car ever in the snow.

I had a good time in town, I met up with my friend Alison & her daughter Milly for a coffee at the newly refurbished St Paul's church hall. They are hoping to have some Mum's Marketplace events their and we wanted to see what it was like. Its a really fabby venue they even have a proper coffee shops which serves Lattes, mmmmmmmmmmm.

I won 3 prizes on the tombola (more chocolates NOOOOOOO) but I did give Milly the art set and Allie the huge box of Maltesers so she could make some brownies for work next week.
I then popped of to Wilkinson's for some essential, cat treats, new work note books and toiletries.
I did however spy this beauty, a lovely baby pink thermos flask. I have been needing a flask for craft fairs and this one fits the bill, although if we have them at St Paul's I can have a Latte, mmm.

I also went to WHSmiths in search of the new Crochet mag that has been advertised on the TV. I can crochet but only granny squares so I thought I would get it and see what it was like. As it is the first issue it was a bargain at 99p.

I was also looking for a pretty diary, I really want a CK one but they are few & far between.

I think I will have to buy a boring one and cover it in CK fabric or wrapping paper to satisfy my need.
I also got some of those suede fur lined boots, you know the ones! not the stupidly expensive Australian ones but a version of, I found them in TK's so bargain.
Whilst in TK's Gav phoned asking for salopets!! he had decided to go snow boarding on the downs. Luckily they fitted and he came home in one piece.
Today has been a PJ day for me, I think I'm fighting a bug. So I have slept an am now sitting in front of this roaring fire, cosy and warm.

I have to sign off now as I am waiting for the new series of Larks Rise to Candleford to start 8pm tonight BBC1.

Enjoy your week all.


Michela said...

..1981..such a great year! ;-)
Do you play Tombola too?!'s like a nightmare for me during these days! xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hi Sophie,
Iam a Latte lover too, also with gingerbread or hazelnut flavour!! Yum!!!
Those serviettes come from Tesco. Doesn't take much to please me, does it!!! Want to do some decoupage on an old IKEA draw unit I have, and those look ideal!
Keep warm : )

Sharon xx

Kelly said...

I hope you feel better soon and keep the bug at bay!
I think I have some news that may cheer you up, You have won my first giveaway!! congratulations!!!

Lisa said...

Congrats on winning Kelly's giveaway!
Your fire looks so inviting.
Lisa x

A Country Girl said...

Nothing beats an open fire when its this cold (except perhaps a wood burner!)
Our snow is now very wet slush, and lots of it! Yuck.

Florence and Mary said...

Hi sweetie,

How are you feeling, I hope you haven't got the horrid bug I had.

I tuned into Lark Rise last night, love that prog.

Victoria x

Kissed by an Angel said...

I hope you are feeling better now!!
Love the pink thermos!!

Pomona said...

I am hoping to learn to crochet, too, this year, and have bought a beginners book to help me. I look forward to seeing what you make.

Pomona x

Auntie Cake said...

I am in love with your pink thermos! It makes me smile... Your fire looks so cozy, I miss having a real fireplace, so I did enjoy looking at yours. Take care, stay warm and cozy with all that snow!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Mmm gingerbread latte for moi.
I love that pink flask.

maryannlucy said...

Gingerbread latte for me please. Hope you have fought off your bug - sounds like you had a good day though.

Lucy said...

Wow my photo of my favourite cousins made it on your blog!! Happy days - omg 20 years ago though xxxxx